Testing and Monitoring of Fruit and Vegetable Innovation

Testing and Monitoring of Fruit and Vegetable Innovation

Manager: Gianni Malavolta

Headquarter and Farm of Jesi: Telephone +39 071 8081 - Fax: +39 071 85979
Farm of Petritoli: Telephone +39 0734 658959 - Fax: +39 0734 657065
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The O.C. manages two experimental farms located in Jesi (AN) and Carassi (AP) carrying out tests in the following fields:

  • tree cultivation (viticulture, olive, fruit);
  • herbaceous cultivation (vegetable, cereals, industrial crops);
  • organic farming;
  • local products.

The experimental activies concern:

  • study and check of the main scientific research innovations in the agricultural and food industry sectors with particular reference to the frozen vegetables supply-chain and related specialist support to the other A.S.S.A.M Operational Centres;
  • recovery, protection and enhancement of old autochthonous varieties of the Marche Region;
  • agronomic assessment of both most common and newly introduced fruit varieties, also in terms of their adaptation to different regional pedoclimatic conditions, innovative growing techniques and adoption of cultivation techniques with reduced environmental and biological impact. Each variety undergoes a strengths and weaknesses assessment of their disease resistance. The resulting data are directly forwarded to the production sector;
  • comparison and assessment of the local environmental features of fruit rootstocks;
  • panel-test and chemical analysis of the organoleptic qualities of oils and fruit applying traditional and innovative cultivation and processing technologies;
  • enhancement of minor native varieties, to meet market trends of typical products, obtainable in specific and suitable areas;
  • comparison of cereals varieties: common and durum wheat, barley, triticale and oats, conventionally or organically grown, to identify those that better fit to the Marche Region environment and fulfil the market demand;
  • assessment of agronomic techniques of common and durum wheat to check on production results, quality, plant protection products and mycotossins residues;
  • monitor and assessment of the durum wheat coming from regional farms and warehouses as far as product features, qualitative and phytosanitary indicators;
  • assessment of the chemical, product and rheological features (laboratory analysis) of cereal flours produced from tests and chain projects;
  • agronomic assessment of vegetable species compared with other varieties and catalogue fields, proposed by companies operating within the seeds sector in collaboration with the regional processing industries;
  • qualitative and productive assessment of leafy vegetables grown by means of the nutrient film technique and the floating system.

In addition to trial tests, the following activities are carried out:

  • technical assistance and test in processing agricultural products focusing on their organoleptic features. The concerned sectors are enology and oil production aiming at improving product innovation;
  • recovery, preservation and enhancement of the Marche Region plant biodiversity with particular reference to olive, grape wine, pomacea and stone fruits;
  • technical support in the development of the Marche Region typical and traditional products specifications and of the 'QM 'Qualita' Garantita dalle Marche” (Marche Region Guaranteed Quality) label;
  • supplying of “base” category grapevines to set up propagation fields by means of Vine Propagation Groups;
  • growing selected and certificated important varieties and ecotypes which are important for the within the regional agriculture (viticulture, olive and local fruit);
  • monitor, promotion and technical support to farms.



ASSAM Headquarter

ASSAM - Agency for Agro-food Sector Services of the Marche Region

Via Industria, 1 - 60027 Osimo Stazione (AN) - Italy
(+39) 071 8081
(+39) 071 85979
Email: info@assam.marche.it
 Certified Email: assam@emarche.it

Monday – Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 a.m.
Tuesdays and Tuesdays: 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

 VAT Registration Number 01491360424
 REA AN 148671

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