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The project is aimed to inform, at regional level, on the implementation activities of the National Action Plan concerning the sustainable use of plant protection products, their chemical risks and proper use.
Due to farmers’ large use of phytosanitary products, the provided information are mainly addressed to trainers and business consultants as well as to technicians within the agriculture sector.


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Logistic Platform for the widespread of Marchigiana pure cattle breed in the Marche Region holiday farmhouses

The Platform concerns the organization, management and strategy to transfer products and the related information from their original suppliers to their final consignees.
In compliance with the legislative amendments and market needs, the clients’ health and hygiene have to be efficiently safeguarded. Therefore the Platform traceability system is required to trace every processing stage.

In order to correctly identify all proper working processes and stages the Platform aims at fostering the consumption of pure-bred beef of the Marche Region and is projected according to a context analysis.

Pilot Project for the Management of a Strait of the River Musone and for the Debris Energy Valorization

The current land use and the poor maintenance of riverways led to periodic crisis worsened by always more irregular seasons.
The consequent plant overgrowing is compounded by the lack of a constant and steady maintenance which, riverside owners used to provide for in the past.
What once used to be a riverside landowners’ resource has turned into an expensive problem for those authorities in charge of maintaining the river environmental and hydraulic functions.

Within the olive sector ASSAM is responsible for:
Characterisation and enhancement of the olive local heritage. Since 1994, with the scientific support of CRA (The Agricultural Research Council)– Oliveculture, Spoleto branch office, around 20 native olive varieties have been described to characterize the sensorial and analytical features of related monovarietal oils.

In addition, experimental and variety comparison fields as well as genetic conservation and multiplication fields have been implanted for the genetic and phytosanitary certification of the nursery within the ASSAM experimental farm of Carassi (AP). Several genotypes were analysed from cross-breeding programmes.

Dryocosmus kuryphylus (chestnut gall wasp) is a chestnut pest native to China accidentally introduced in Italy in 2002. THE PROJECT ON BIOLOGICAL CHESTNUT GALL WASP CONTROL started in 2012 aiming to the gradual and controlled introduction of the antagonist parasitoid Torymussinensis and to investigate the infestation evolution. In three years 112 pest were released in 112 sites in compliance with the criteria set by the National Plan of the Chestnut Sector.

The “AGRICULTURE REGIONAL PREVENTION PLAN” is carried out by ASSAM in collaboration with the Marche Region, ARS (Regional Health Agency), INAIL (Italian Workers’ Compensation authority) and ASUR (Regional Health Authority) to safeguard agricultural workers’ health and safety. The plans aims at decreasing workplace injuries and accidents also by means of workshops organized, at regional level, by the ASSAM Prevention and Protection Service to raise awareness on preventing agriculture occupational injuries and diseases and to inform on the main related risks as well as on the current Workplace Health & Safety regulation (D.Lgs. n. 81/2008 as amended).


For information:

Alessandra Budini
Phone: +39 071 808233
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Laura Fuligni
Phone: +39 071 808232
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For over 30 years ASSAM has been carrying out experimental trials on commercial varieties of durum and soft wheat, barley and coarse grains to identify those better suiting the Marche Region environment and fulfilling the market demand. Field trials and laboratory analysis are essential for effectively evaluate their quality, agrobiological, productive and market characteristics as well as their sensitivity to the main plant diseases.

ASSAM Headquarter

ASSAM - Agency for Agro-food Sector Services of the Marche Region

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