The “AGRICULTURE REGIONAL PREVENTION PLAN” is carried out by ASSAM in collaboration with the Marche Region, ARS (Regional Health Agency), INAIL (Italian Workers’ Compensation authority) and ASUR (Regional Health Authority) to safeguard agricultural workers’ health and safety. The plans aims at decreasing workplace injuries and accidents also by means of workshops organized, at regional level, by the ASSAM Prevention and Protection Service to raise awareness on preventing agriculture occupational injuries and diseases and to inform on the main related risks as well as on the current Workplace Health & Safety regulation (D.Lgs. n. 81/2008 as amended).

Bio.Mi.Ma Microbial Biodiversity of the Marche Region

ASSAM, in the course of the Bio.Mi.Ma project, within the plant and animal Biodiversity field, has explored the Microbial Biodiversity sector–as far as the transformation of the regional traditional food productions in collaboration with the Marche Polytechnic University. The project, financed by MiPAAFT (Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies), envisages the investigation of the already existing products as well as a deeper study, involving the farms located in the earthquake area.

Cereal Growing

For over 30 years ASSAM has been carrying out experimental trials on commercial varieties of durum and soft wheat, barley and coarse grains to identify those better suiting the Marche Region environment and fulfilling the market demand. Field trials and laboratory analysis are essential for effectively evaluate their quality, agrobiological, productive and market characteristics as well as their sensitivity to the main plant diseases.

1 R&D traditional pulses in Marche Region


Traditional pulses: agronomical characterization, innovative and healthy food, opportunities for the creation of short food supply chain

Communication and results dissemination activities

In a first step, aims of project is to revitalize the cultivation of “Cicerchia” or “Chickling pea” (Lathyrus sativus) from Serra de 'Conti and other traditional legumes of the Marche Region and to encourage sustainable agronomic practices such as the cereals-legumes consociation in order to preserve the agricultural biodiversity and to increase soil quality. In a second step the aim is to set up food made with legume flour characterized by high nutritional quality and healthy properties. Finally, the aim is to establish a network between farmers, companies, University and consumers to promote traditional legumes.

2 Postharvest innovative chain Marche


Preventive strategies to control postharvest diseases of stone fruit and reduce fresh fruit wast

Analysis, elaboration on of strategies of integrated and organic pest management, Communication and results dissemination activities

- Use of forecasting tools to plan and reduce the number of fungicide applications on stone fruits to control brown rot, in organic agriculture and IPM
- Isolation of Monilinia spp. and evaluation of fungicide resistance
- Evaluation of interactions between Monilinia spp. and Drosophila spp.
- Application of strategies for the storage of stone fruits based on innovative packaging and use of ozone to manage postharvest brown rot, extend shelf life, improve fruit quality and reduce waste

3 Valorisation of peach from Marche Region


Introduction of new low impact techniques to enhance peach cultivation in the Marche Region

Communication and results dissemination activities  

The aim of this project is the valorisation of the quality and the typical characteristic of peach production in the Marche Region, identifying the main elements that distinguish it and developing low impact techniques to increase its competitiveness compared to other production areas characterized by low production costs but lacking in environmental sustainability. So, we want to introduce innovations in the most critical points of the production chain and inform the customer about the added value of the product.

4 Small fruits chain in Marche Region


Innovative solutions to extend the production and ripening period of strawberry and small fruits in Marche Region

Agronomic techniques testing, communication and results dissemination activities

Develop the entire strawberry supply chain: nursery production, cultivation in different environments and with different techniques (in the field, greenhouse and above ground), introducing new biodiversity, promoting sustainable cultivation systems and increasing the quality of the product for an extended period of the year, marketed directly by the producers and by regional distribution companies. The adoption of innovative cultivation systems at low inputs will offer the opportunity to answer to the increasing demand of high-quality fresh product of local origin. The expansion of small fruits cultivation, in particular Strawberry, Raspberry and Blueberry, will increase the income and employment in particular in the marginal areas of Marche region.

5 Innovation in Marche wine industry


New strategies in the wine industry to increase environmental sustainability and consumer health

Elaboration on of pest management strategies in organic viticulture, communication and results dissemination activities
  1. Limit or prevent the use of copper in organic viticulture by using alternative products in the
    control of downy mildew to produce high quality grapes;
  2. Optimize management techniques (leaf removal, selective harvest) and the application of
    plant protection products and fertilizers by smart viticulture and precision farming;
  3. Adoption of new vineyard management techniques for climate change adaptation supported
    by the early monitoring of berry ripening;
  4. Development of winemaking techniques of organic grapes to obtain wines with low or no
    sulphite and hydrogen sulphide content of improved sensorial quality.

6 Social Agriculture in Marche Region


Montessori thought as innovation in social agriculture in the Marche Region

Communication and results dissemination activities Promote Social agriculture innovative actions in the framework of the multifunctionality of the agriculture enterprise, applying the Montessori thought to childhood, old age and users with different psycho-physical abilities.

7 Smart Agriculture Team


Precision agriculture: reduction of environmental impact of production systems

Analysis and field-testing activities

The project has the following objectives:

  • creation of an intelligent and real-time monitoring system consisting of a smart IT platform integrated with the sensors in the field, able to support crop management in the optimization of nitrogen inputs;
  • testing and validation of the spatialization model of regional agro-meteorological data;
  • definition of new services and new business models;
  • definition of economic and environmental indices that measure the benefits of precision farming techniques;
  • definition of risk management and insurance models.

8 Precision Milk


Precision animal husbandry

Laboratory analysis, data elaboration, communication and results dissemination activities

Setting of an IT platform able to provide dairy farming companies with sheep and cattle from the Marche region with information that improves the company's management. The project will realize databases which will feed the IT platform in the future:

  • Milk analysis database
  • Feeding tags analysis database
  • Company database
  • Productive performance skills
  • Qualitative performance skills
9 Biocanapa

BHAS Bioactive Hemp Agriculture Support

ORGANIC FARMING: Evaluation of biopesticides obtained from hemp’s by-products and evaluation of toxicity for the operator

Analysis and field-testing activities

The primary objective is to extract from hemp waste products (Cannabis sativa L.) essential oil of quality containing active ingredients with insecticidal and/or fungicidal action, in order to develop a product that can be used in organic agriculture, and to develop a commercial formulation. Another objective is to include the cultivation of hemp in the crop rotation of the Marches farms from which a double economic affection can be obtained.

10 Innovators of the Environment


Precision agriculture: reduction of environmental impact of production systems

Analysis and field-testing activities

The general objective of the project is the realization of an aerial spraying system on top of organic products for the fight against diseases of specialized plants to be tested on olive groves.
However, in designing the present proposal, the professional figures involved - agronomists, engineers, designers, university professors - intends to use the flight system not only for spraying a product against a specific pathology but to insert sensors into equipment dedicated to the control of the ripening of the drupe, the possibility to check through the state of the leaves the need to perform fertilization operations and other checks on the plant and the soil conditions to better monitor the olives development.

11  Innovative Marche Truffle chain


Rationalization of nursery and field production of Marche truffles

Field-testing activities and dissemination of results
  1. To innovate nursery production protocols in order to maximize truffle-host plant and mycorrhization quality;
  2. To adopt precision farming tools and principles in setting orchard irrigation and nutrition;
  3. To use strategies to prolong orchard half-life by rationally managing canopy and microorganisms/soil/root interactions;
  4. To monitor the effect off innovative techniques on root mycorrhization and the mating types of Tuber melanosporum;
  5. To promote mycorrhization by artificial inoculation of bacteria;
  6. To improve truffle, use bylyophilization (freeze-drying).

12 Seed Marche


STRATEGIES FOR Strategies for management of diseases of feed-bearing vegetable crops for integrated pest management and organic agriculture

Field-testing activities and dissemination of results
  1. Improve the management of diseases of seed-bearing vegetable crops under integrated pest management
  2. Improve the management of diseases of seed-bearing vegetable crops under organic agriculture
  3. Set up tools for management of emerging plant diseases according to the standards of organic agriculture
13 IN P.A.S.T.A.


A Project of sustainable agriculture, transferable and applicable

Field-testing activities and analysis

Economically viable cultivation and processing of organic durum wheat, which would not alter its nutritional values, through the careful selection and cultivation of organic ancient grains, and innovative preservation techniques (cold storage, temperature-controlled milling).

Forest Biodiversity

2014-2020 Rural Development Programme (RDP) for Marche, sub measure 15.2 action A): support to preserve and enhance forestry genetic resources.

The project aims at evaluating and investigating excellence single or wood arboreal formations to record them in the Regional Register of the Seed Woods.

Dryocosmus kuryphylus (chestnut gall wasp) is a chestnut pest native to China accidentally introduced in Italy in 2002. THE PROJECT ON BIOLOGICAL CHESTNUT GALL WASP CONTROL started in 2012 aiming to the gradual and controlled introduction of the antagonist parasitoid Torymussinensis and to investigate the infestation evolution. In three years 112 pest were released in 112 sites in compliance with the criteria set by the National Plan of the Chestnut Sector.


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