Completed European Projects

PRIZEFISH "Piloting of eco-innovative fishery supply–chains to market added–value Adriatic fish products"

PRIZEFISH is a European Territory Cooperation project, co-financed by the INTERREG VA Italy- Croatia 2014-2020 Programme ( under the Priority Axis 1 “Blue Innovation”.

The project has a total budget of 3.117,680.00 EUR, of which 85% are co-financed by the ERDF (2,650,028.00 EUR)
ASSAM, as project partner, has a total budget of 199.850,00 EUR , with 85% (169.872,50 EUR) is being co-financed by the ERDF and 15% , 29.977,50 EUR co-financed by national funds.

PRIZEFISH is coordinated by the University of Bologna and involves 13 public and private partners from Italy and Croatia:

FAIRSEA -  Fisheries in the Adriatic Region -  a Shared Ecosystem Approach

FAIRSEA is a European Territory Cooperation project, co-financed by the INTERREG VA Italy- Croatia 2014-2020 Programme ( under the Priority Axis 1 “Blue Innovation”. The project, with ana overall budget of 1.7 Mln€,is coordinated by OGS and involves 11 partners from Italy and Croatia. FAIRSEA started on January 2019 and will end on February 2021.

The project overall objective is to enhance the conditions for implementing innovative approaches for the sustainable management of the Adriatic Sea fisheries by the exchange of knowledge and the sharing of good practices among partners and beyond. The main result will consist in the development of an integrated platform for a quantitative ecosystem approach to fisheries that goes across territorial boundaries and across several disciplines.

DORY “Capitalization actions for aDriatic marine envirOnment pRotection and ecosYstem based management”

The DORY project  has been funded in the framework of the Interreg VA Italy – Croatia 2014-2020 Cooperation Programme and is aimed to capitalize the positive results obtained with the ECOSEA project  (Adriatic IPA CBC Programme 2007-2013) in which the Marche Region was involved as partner.  DORY overall objective is to contribute to the protection and restoration of Adriatic marine resources by strengthening the Adriatic institutional dialogue and promoting the adoption of common management models for sustainable fisheries, oriented to reduce the threats of economic activities on Adriatic marine stocks, as well as knowledge based tools to enhance biodiversity in terms of priority and essential fish habitats (nurseries and spawning grounds) and to halt the ecological impact of aquaculture.

AdriSmArtFish “Valorisation of SMall-scale ARTisanal FISHery of the Adriatic coasts in a context of sustainability”

AdriSmartFish is a project funded by the Interreg VA Italy Croatia 2014-2020 Programme, managed by  10 partners including national, regional and local institutions and research bodies operating in the fisheries sector in Italy and  Croatia. The general objective of the Project is to strengthen the Small-Scale Fishery (SSF) role in the GSA 17 soon, by fostering its potential for innovation within the Blue Growth context. In a sector like the SSF, which has evolved in strong connection with local tradition and in balance with the ecosystem, the elements of innovation most likely to bring the greatest benefits won’t be found in processes and technologies, but rather in the approach to management and in the valorisation of the products, in an effort to boost its resilience and sustainability, and market value. Exploiting the great adaptability of SSF, the Project will promote its assumption as a paradigm for the implementation of integrated management strategies, through an Ecosystem-Based Approach. The project will involve all the actors responsible for the management of the coastal area with a bottom-up approach; strategies to mitigate risk and exploit opportunities will be identified in cooperation with stakeholders, and will serve to strengthen the scientific advice, to improve medium term planning and the policy making process. The project focuses on:

SUSHIDROP “SUstainable fiSHeries wIth DROnes data Processing”

SUSHI DROP stands for “SUstainable fiSHeries wIth DROnes data Processing”. The project,  funded by the Interreg VA Italy Croatia cooperation programme, is led by the University of Bologna in partnership with other Institutions from Italy and Croatia including the Marche Region, Fisheries Economy Department.  SUSHIDROP has developed a customized UUV-  unmanned underwater vehicle  (named “Blucy”), equipped with advanced instruments to implement a non-invasive environmental assessment of habitats, fish stocks population and, in general, monitoring biodiversity. Three missions have been conducted to confirm the capabilities and performance of “Blucy”, even in adverse marine and weather conditions. During these test runs, the researchers have collected biophysical data, videos, and high-resolution images. Thanks to the advanced technologies of the drone, such as the multibeam and high-resolution camera, it is possible to obtain a complete description of a given underwater area, from a morphological as well as a fauna point of view, highlighting benthic communities, fish and rock formations.

ARIEL “Promoting small scale fisheries and aquaculture transnational networking in Adriatic-Ionian macroregion” (2)

ARIEL is a project co-funded in the framework of  the 1st call of the INTERREGV B ADRION 2014-2020 cooperation program, priority 1 "Innovative and smart region". The project arises from the capitalization and extension of a  network of public administrations and scientific institutions  from 4 countries of the Adriatic-Ionian Macroregion (Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece) operating in the  small-scale fisheries and aquaculture,  key sectors of Blue Growth in the Adriatic-Ionian regions. The Marche Region – Fisheries Economy Unit  is one of the 9 project partners.  ARIEL, through an interactive and bottom-up approach to innovation that foresee  the engagement of  the small-scale fisheries and aquaculture sectors stakeholders, promotes the identification, dissemination, and adoption of technological and non-technological solutions for innovation uptake of small-scale fishery and aquaculture in Adriatic-Ionian basin  further to the setting up of an operational transnational network among the  actors in the different EUSRAUIR regions. ARIEL therefore intends to accelerate the transfer of research-driven innovation facilitated by public authorities, supported by operators, and recognized by consumers through technical and institutional cooperation and regional and cross-border actions.


The WELLFOOD ACTION project has been co-finance under the Targeted Call on EUSAIR, launched by the IPA CBC 2007-2013 Programme on February 2016.
The project is promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Macerata and involves 6 partners from Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, including Marche Region – Environment and Agriculture Department.

The project intends to capitalize and extend lesson learnt, activities and results of the previous cooperation project WELLFOOD, co-financed under the 2nd call for proposal of the IPA Programme.


Horizon 2020  - Flourish

The goal of the Flourish project is to bridge the gap between the current and desired capabilities of agricultural robots by developing an adaptable robotic solution for precision farming. By combining the aerial survey capabilities of a small autonomous multi-copter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) with a multi-purpose agricultural Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV), the system will be able to survey a field from the air, perform targeted intervention on the ground, and provide detailed information for decision support, all with minimal user intervention. The system can be adapted to a wide range of farm management activities and different crops by choosing different sensors, status indicators and ground treatment packages. The gathered information can be used alongside existing precision agriculture machinery, for example, by providing position maps for fertiliser application.

The Flourish project is funded by the European Community's Horizon 2020 programme under grant agreement no 644227-Flourish and from the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) under contract number 15.0029.

Regional focus group on Fruit and vegetable chain innovation successfully arranged by Marche Region and ASSAM

On 22 July 2014, Marche Region and ASSAM successfully arranged a regional focus group “Fruit and vegetable supply chain in the Marche Region: state of play and innovation opportunities “ in the framework of the WELLFOOD project with the support of NOMISMA SpA, the company that carries out economic research and consulting for businesses, associations and public administrations at national and international levels. The focus, held in ASSAM headquarter and attended by more than 50 participants, was aimed at establishing an open discussion with local actors allow to point out strengths and needs in the food innovation applied to the fruit and vegetable supply chain that represents one of the core, innovative and growing sector of the Marche Region agri-food context.

ECOSEA project – IPA Adriatic CBC Programme 2007-2013

The Adriatic sea represents the environmental, social and cultural element bridging the Eastern and Western shores, the richness of natural resources characterizing the Adriatic sea in endangered by man-made factors that are threatening the vitality of ecosystem. The ECOSEA project aims at promoting the protection and enhancement of sea and coastal environment by implementing innovative approach to manage in coordinated manner the fishery activities. The project, led by Veneto Region, involves 9 partners from 3 Adriatic Area Countries.


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